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Notorious Midwestern cocksucker. Talents include wood-working (literally, i built my GH, as well as work the big thick wood that comes to it). deep throat expert, and no gag reflex. Enjoy a soft cock growing in my mouth, and then working it into a frenzy. Also appreciate a selfish and indulgent man, who knows how to face-fuck a cock-sucker. Will bottom for the right total TOP in my GH. Videographer, and photographer. i document all cocks who visit my GH, and hole. I've been asked WHY GH and anon cock-sucking? I've learned over the years...its not because the cock-sucker is a troll, and doesn't want anyone to see him...actually I'm an attractive, well-built, fit, athletic tall man. I love my GH because it gives me power over a selfish cock that just wants serviced. He wants to cum, and get his rocks off. i edge, tease, and slow blow, giving him the experience he deserves. I also don't want the involvement of kissing, and role-playing that comes with sucking or fucking someone in a bed.

I want the experience, the hard cock in my mouth and the big creamy load. Then he can leave. Guess I'm the selfish one. WOOF

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