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How do I cancel my contribution?

Please follow the steps to cancel your contribution/subscription:

1- Log in to your PayPal account at Since your contribution was made via PayPal, you'll need to log in into your PayPal account (we don't handle the payment process).
2 - Click the Settings icon next to "Log out."
3 - Click " My money" tab. 4 - Go to " Automatic Payments" section and click on " Manage automatic payments." 5 - Click on the merchant you want to cancel (Inveniet Media) and click the Cancel Subscription button. For more info, visit the following paypal page.

How do I remove a video or picture from the site?

If you come across content that belongs to you (video, pic, etc). please review our content removal page. If you require immediate response, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to 411gloryhole
  2. Locate the content you are claiming/questioning.
  3. Email us a description of the file in question along with the URL where the content is currently being dispalyed. Feel free to add any additional information.
  4. Our team will review your request and repond within a resonable time.

How do I submit my gloryhole video and pictures to be featured on 411gloryhole?

You can submit videos, pictures and relevant text (e.g. stories) by following these steps:

  1. Review and agree with our Digital Content Submission Agreement, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service .
  2. Email us your content along with a title, author's name and other information outlined in our submission agreement. The submit email can be found in our Submit page.
  3. That's it! Content submitted will be reviewed and will be published wihtin a resonable time.
  4. If the content does not meet our Digital Content Submission Agreement and, the content will not be published.

How do I view 411gloryhole's videos?

To view our videos, you need to become a supporting member. To become a member visit our contribution page which provides information on how to support our site.

How do I find a gloryhole near me?

Our gloryhole world map allows you to find a gloryhole location by city or country. You may also search our forum section for gloryholes or post a personal request. To access our gloryhole world map and our forum's section, you need to become a member.

I have a private gloryhole. How do I have it featured in your gloryhole map?

In order to be featured in our world gloryhole map, please follow these steps: 1 - Log in or Join 411gloryhole 2 - Go to our gloryhole world map and look for the submit link 3 - Submit your user name, email, city and country 4 - Accept our terms of service and privacy policy Note: We do not publish specific addresses due to our privacy policy

What are the benefits of becoming a 411gloryhole member?

By becoming a supporting member, you will obtain the following benefits: 1 - Ability to view all member's videos (unlimited viewing) 2 - Watch hundreds of HD quality videos 3 - Ability to view and search gloryhole pictures, member's postings and more 4 - Access our world gloryhole finder map 5 - Ability to submit content to be featured in 6 - Access our member's directory and connect with other gloryhole users To become a supporter, please visit the our contribution page.

How to I access the world gloryhole finder map?

In order to acces our gloryhole world map, please follow these steps: 1 - Log in or Join if you are not a 411gloryhole member 2 - When you log in, click on "world map" button under the video playlist area. 3 - You will be re-directed to our gloryhole world map where you will be able to search and access our current gloryhole locations.

How can I preview some videos before I become a supporting member?

You can preview videos by visiting our join page or view the following video.

I forgot my access code, how do I retrieve it?

If you forgot your access code to, please these steps:

  1. Email us your email address used during your donation process including the contribution amount made and payment date.

How do I become a VIP member?

VIP members are users that are granted access to 411gloryhole without any contribution, support and/or contribution. Instead of a financial contribution, VIP members provide content in order to obtain access. In order to become a VIP member, we require the following: 1 - Acceptance of our terms of service, privacy policy and content submission conditions. 2 - Submit regular content (example, submit HD monthly videos). There is no minimum or maximum amount of videos required. To submit your content, please submit a HD video at least 3 minutes long by following instructions in our content submission page. Please allow a week or so for approval process.